Monday, May 2, 2011

"Which Way Home"

4 Potatoes

"Which Way Home" (2009) by Rebecca Cammisa is an Academy Nominee feature documentary film. Everyday thousand of children from all over South America, the youngest from 7 year-old, try to reach the US by hanging on to freight train illegally. More than 20% of those children lose their life by accident, rape, smuggling, exposure, and you name it... Some leaves home in search of his/her mother, father, hope and new life. Some leaves just everything behind, even family behind in hope for the better life. These are little children, 7, 8, 9, 10 year-old...

Speechless... It was so heartbreaking to see what these children are going through in search of better life and simply longing to see their mother, father or siblings who crossed the boarder and whom they haven't seen in years.

Why do they have to do this? Why their own country is not proving them the environment that they can all live together? It just make you think how fortunate you are. It did for me.

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