About Moi

you know where i am..

I, the Couch Potato, have lived in '3' corners of the world (not '4' just yet..) through out my life: USA (Chicago, San Francisco and L.A.), Japan and Paris, France. I speak 4.75 languages: fluent in English, Japanese, French, Italian and Intermediate Spanish and almost forgotten German, which makes the total of 4.75 languages.

I am simply spontaneous, enjoy my life, appreciate the moment shared with my friends, LOVE to eat, and LOVE to travel. My ideal goal for 2011 is to go to Argentina for one month. Oh... now it is almost June, I need to plan it soon!!

But most of all, I love movies. I view more than 200 films per year and I love it simply because it takes me to the world unknown. I am very active in supporting independent film industries such as American Cinematheque, AFI and COLCOA. 

But please bear with me, I am not a professional writer in anyway, I am just babbling and sharing my thoughts.



I have worked as a photographer for 18 years and now I have been working in the filed of entertainment advertising and being a couch potato in my second life.
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