Sunday, December 18, 2011

"La Bûche"

4 Potatoes

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. "La Bûche" (1999) by Danièle Thompson who is a great comedy writer for many recent French cinemas. This film is her directorial debut. Mixed with the typical family drama around the holiday season and a touch of humor. This movie was also the time I thought Charlotte Gainsbourg became a better actress. I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Highly recommended.

Synopsis (FR): Noël, cette fête à la fois délicieuse et pernicieuse, sonne l'heure de vérité pour trois soeurs, Louba la chanteuse, Sonia la bourgeoise, Milla la rebelle. Pour leurs parents aussi, Stanislas, violoniste tzigane à la retraite et Yvette, veuve toute récente de son deuxieme mari. (AlloCiné)

Synopsis: "After the December 21st funeral of Yvette's (Francoise Fabian) second husband, she is consoled by the three daughters from her first marriage to Stanislas (Claude Rich), a Russian-Jewish violinist. The oldest, Lorba (Sabine Azema), lives with her father and makes a living by singing ballads in a Russian cabaret, Sonia (Emmanuelle Beart) is a fastidious middle-class housewife, and Yvette's youngest, Milla (Charlotte Gainsbourg), is a go-getting businesswoman. As Christmas celebrations gather steam, Louba learns that at age 42, she is unexpectedly pregnant by Gilbert, her married lover of 12 years. Meanwhile, Sonia develops a habit of taking five-finger discounts while shopping, and Milla takes up with a mysterious drifter who lives as a boarder in Stanislas' house."  - Jonathan Crow, Rovi (Rotten Tomatoes)

USA: DVD Available

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Circumstances" - 境遇

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"Circumstances" (2011) - 境遇 (Kyogu) is a Japanese TV Movie which was aired on 12/03/2011 in Japan. It is the first story she wrote since the shocking novel "Confessions" (2010) - 告白 (Kokuhaku) three years ago, which eventually made into a movie and not only winning many prizes but this movie was chosen to be the Japanese Official Entry for the Oscar 2011.

Unlike the movie "Confessions" (2010), "Circumstances" (2011) is mellower and comprehensible as a story. Yet the movie chose once again, very quiet and shy type cast as the two main characters: Yasuko Matsuyuki - "Hula Girls" (2006) and Ryô - Casshern (2006).
The story was easy to follow and I thought I guessed it right at first, then there was a twist.

I liked it.

Official Site and Trailer:

Viewing Available on Pandora.TV

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quote of the Day - Italian

Charles de Montesquieu
"L'educazione consiste nel darci delle idee, la buona educazione nel metterle in proporzione."
 - Charles De Montesquieu
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