Sunday, December 18, 2011

"La Bûche"

4 Potatoes

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies. "La Bûche" (1999) by Danièle Thompson who is a great comedy writer for many recent French cinemas. This film is her directorial debut. Mixed with the typical family drama around the holiday season and a touch of humor. This movie was also the time I thought Charlotte Gainsbourg became a better actress. I really enjoyed watching this movie.

Highly recommended.

Synopsis (FR): Noël, cette fête à la fois délicieuse et pernicieuse, sonne l'heure de vérité pour trois soeurs, Louba la chanteuse, Sonia la bourgeoise, Milla la rebelle. Pour leurs parents aussi, Stanislas, violoniste tzigane à la retraite et Yvette, veuve toute récente de son deuxieme mari. (AlloCiné)

Synopsis: "After the December 21st funeral of Yvette's (Francoise Fabian) second husband, she is consoled by the three daughters from her first marriage to Stanislas (Claude Rich), a Russian-Jewish violinist. The oldest, Lorba (Sabine Azema), lives with her father and makes a living by singing ballads in a Russian cabaret, Sonia (Emmanuelle Beart) is a fastidious middle-class housewife, and Yvette's youngest, Milla (Charlotte Gainsbourg), is a go-getting businesswoman. As Christmas celebrations gather steam, Louba learns that at age 42, she is unexpectedly pregnant by Gilbert, her married lover of 12 years. Meanwhile, Sonia develops a habit of taking five-finger discounts while shopping, and Milla takes up with a mysterious drifter who lives as a boarder in Stanislas' house."  - Jonathan Crow, Rovi (Rotten Tomatoes)

USA: DVD Available

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