Monday, December 5, 2011

"Circumstances" - 境遇

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"Circumstances" (2011) - 境遇 (Kyogu) is a Japanese TV Movie which was aired on 12/03/2011 in Japan. It is the first story she wrote since the shocking novel "Confessions" (2010) - 告白 (Kokuhaku) three years ago, which eventually made into a movie and not only winning many prizes but this movie was chosen to be the Japanese Official Entry for the Oscar 2011.

Unlike the movie "Confessions" (2010), "Circumstances" (2011) is mellower and comprehensible as a story. Yet the movie chose once again, very quiet and shy type cast as the two main characters: Yasuko Matsuyuki - "Hula Girls" (2006) and Ryô - Casshern (2006).
The story was easy to follow and I thought I guessed it right at first, then there was a twist.

I liked it.

Official Site and Trailer:

Viewing Available on Pandora.TV

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