Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Love, Pain and Vice Versa: Violanchelo"

2.5 Potatoes

"Love, Pain and Vice Versa: Violanchelo" (2008) - Amor Dolor Y Viceversa by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa is a film from Mexico. I don't want to use the word "interesting" but it was interesting.
Two people are having dreams about one another and we don't know why, but it reveals slowly what is happening... well edited so you will not get too confused. I thought the music choice was wrong...
Good to see the actor Leonardo Sbaraglia again.

Synopsis: Architect Chelo (Barbara Mori) can't shake her drab love life or the prince who visits her dreams nightly. Dr. Marquez (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is happily engaged but plagued by nightmares of a seductive killer. When Chelo devises a method to make dream a reality, madness descends on both. Circumstances land Chelo and Marquez in a police house on either side of a two-way mirror, with each facing far more than meets the eye. (NETFLIX)

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