Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Quiet Chaos"

3.5 Potatoes

"Quiet Chaos" (2008) - Caos Calmo by Antonello Grimaldi is an Italian Film, starring Nanni Moretti. One day an executive and his brother save the lives of two drowning women in the ocean, he comes home and finds his wife dead. Now he has his 10 year-old daughter to take care of all by himself. Everyone tells him he is not emotional enough while he occupies himself with his daughter, his work, and everyone around him...

I liked the way it ended, and the music for the movie was good. Especially I loved the ending song "L'Amore Transparente" by Ivano Fossati.

Nanni Moretti is an amazing actor as always. AND a surprising cameo!!!!!

↓↓SPOILER ↓↓ (It is written in white so if you want to know the answer, highlight it to read)


Streaming Available on Netflix

DVD Availability Unknown

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