Wednesday, May 25, 2011

French Crêpe

Here is another 'real' thing I found recently: the REAL French CRÊPE!

Vive la Crêpe Website

There are many French crêpe places in Los Angeles area, but they are usually too thick, too moist, too much stuffings etc...

But here is the real one: Vive la Crêpe in Beverly Hills. Their crêpes are thin and crisp, and perfect amount of ingredients. They started in New York and finally opened a place in Beverly Hills, right next to another my favorite Teuscher Chocolates & Café.

I have tried the #7 Prosciutto, Raclette Cheese, and Sliced Potatoes and also the #9 Egg, Gruyere and Ham. They are both very delicious, but the #7 is my favorite.
Crême de Marrons

I have not tried their sweet crêpes yet, I must do very soon. One thing I must to say, they do not have my favorite Crême de Marrons - chestnut spread :(
They do have Nutella though... But it is not the same...

I go there practically every week now! Highly Recommended!

Vive la Crêpe
368 Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 map
Tel: 310-278-8377


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