Saturday, May 21, 2011


4 Potatoes

I was just reading an article about the possible Palm d'Or recipient at the Cannes 2011. They think it could be the film "Le Havre" (2011) by the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki.
The story is about the people in the port town of Le Havre, France trying to help an immigrant refugee boy from Africa cross the Channel to England.

This film has a very strong similarity to the 2009 film by Philippe Lioret "Welcome" starring Vincent Lindon. It won the Audience Award at the COLCOA 2009. It was very good film.

I remember briefly the line "The boy is trying to cross the Channel to tell the girl how much he loves her, and I can't even do that to the girl in front of me.." (it wasn't exactly that, my memory is very vague) it was very touching.

I am not sure if the new film "Le Havre" will be any better, but the story has been around and already done.

The film "Welcome" (2009) is Highly Recommended.

"Welcome" Synopsis: When authorities forbid young Kurdish refugee Bilal from crossing the English Channel to reunite with his girlfriend in England, the 17-year-old resolves to swim to his love - and finds an unlikely ally in the form of swim instructor Simon. Facing an inevitable divorce from his wife, the middle-aged teacher takes the resolute youth under his wing in this stirring, beautifully acted French drama. (NETFLIX)

"Welcome": DVD/Streaming Available

"Le Havre": US Release Date Unknown

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