Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"In a Better World"

4 Potatoes

The film "In a Better World" (2011) - Hævnen by Susanne Bier was the winner of this year's both Golden Globes and the Academy for the Best Foreign Language Film. It was released in theater a few weeks ago and I quickly went to see it. 

The story is about hate and forgiveness. But there were 4 different situations: divorcing parents, school bullies, ignorance in general and dictatorship. How do they solve these problems? Which one can they forgive and which one they cannot? It was very interesting to see how the father cope with these problems.
The Danish landscape was amazing, it gives you a moment to think about these issues as these characters probably did in the movie. Highly recommended.

DVD availability unknown.

Synopsis: When schoolboys Christian and Elias are involved in a violent incident, their fathers are initially unable to grasp the full implications of the boys' actions. Elias's father, Anton, an idealistic doctor often absent from home while he works in an African refugee camp, tries to communicate his own commitment to non-violence to the boys, but the troubled Christian continues to see Anton's beliefs as a sign of weakness. (http://oscar.go.com/)

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