Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The Brotherhood of War" - Tae Guk Gi

4.5 Potatoes

I just read comments on the post "The Man from Nowhere" (2010) - Ajeossi and promised to post the info on this film "The Brotherhood of War" (2004) - Tae Guk Gi by Je-gyu Kang.

The story is about the 2 brothers who are separated by the Korean War. It shows how people can easily brain washed during the time of misery and anger.

The film stars Bin Won and another Korean star Dong-jun Jang. The director also directed the film "Swiri" (1999) - SHIRI, an amazing spy movie. Both films are MUST-SEE.

Highly Recommended.

Synopsis: Jin-Tae (Dong-gun Jang) shines shoes, hoping to save enough money to send his younger brother, Jin-Seok (Bin Won), to university. Their mother runs a noodle shop and wishes the best for her two sons, even though things have been tough since her husband died. But all bets are off when the Korean Warerupts and Jin-Seok is unwillingly conscripted into the war, which forces Jin-Tae to enlist just so he can save his brother. (NETFLIX)

USA: Available on DVD

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