Saturday, September 3, 2011

"E.T." come home!

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I just saw "E.T." (1982) by Steven Spielberg again tonight, but on the big screen at Aero Theater. What an amazing film it is! This time it was a different cut, some new scene was added and some deleted, but the great quality was still there.

©1982 & 2002 - Universal Studios
Everyone is looking so young, especially Peter Coyote! And the amazing performance of the little Henry Thomas still touches your heart. He surely turned out to be a one fine actor. Not to mention, how big of a star Drew Barrymore became. Even though this film ruined her life in a way, she overcame the obstacle and became very successful and one of the most likable actress in Hollywood.

Did you know? Most of the grown ups' faces are not shown through out the film except the mother and Peter Coyote? Finally towards the end of the film, you will see some of the faces, inevitable I guess...

©1982 & 2002 - Universal Studios
I wish Spielberg didn't produce the film "Super 8" and made "E.T." now and after instead...

Oh the children's fantasy is the grown ups tearjerker!!!

P.S. There is a great behind scene on DVD, a footage from the casting scene with Henry Thomas. This is a must see, it blows your mind!

DVD Available Everywhere

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