Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Yokai Ningen Bem" - 妖怪人間ベム

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There are not many good Japanese TV dramas this season.
So far one of my a few favorites is "Yokai Ningen Bem" (2011) - 「妖怪人間ベム」. It is based on the Japanese animation by the same title which was aired on TV in Japan from 1968-1969. I remember the partial story, I am not sure if I watched the re-run or saw or heard about the story...

Yokai Ningen Bem - Animation
This live-action version is played by Kazuya Kamenashi (Bem), Anne Watanabe (Bela) - the daughter of actor Ken Watanabe, and Fuku Suzuki (Bero).

By remembering the animation, this is a perfect casting! Fuku Suzuki is a great child actor while all of Japan is obsessed about another child actress who I think is not the great, not natural...

Anyway, I am looking forward to watch it every week and I am very curious to see how it will end. As for the original animation, I read it somewhere, they will die at the end. But initially it ended that way because they were creating the sequel which never had a chance to air on TV.

Well we will see...

Official Site & Trailers:

USA: It is Available on Pandora.TV

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