Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Pina" 3D - Wim Wenders' latest

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Last night Wim Wender introduced us the completely "new way" to enjoy 3D.
His latest film "Pina" (2011) a documentary/performing art film about the choreographer
Pina Bausch.

This could be the totally new way of enjoying stage/theater production also. It makes you feel like you are sitting on the front raw of the theater watching the performing art. So real.
Wim Wenders said "...3D was the only way to film dance...". He was so right.

Wim Wenders & Pina
Not only this documentary stunned me by the new discovery, it is also perfect in quality: location choices, music, editing and length of film.

Highly recommended.

Official Site & Trailer:

More about Pina Bausch:

USA: In Theater December 23rd, 2011

Germany's Official Submission for the Oscar 2012: Foreign Language Film

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