Saturday, November 5, 2011

Luc Besson "The Lady"

3.5 Potatoes

Luc Besson's latest film "The Lady" (2011) was finally premiered at
the AFI Fest 2011 tonight. I waited for this movie to be released for a long time, not only the subject was fascinating, but he hasn't directed a live-action movie in a long time!

Actually I remember reading some interview about 5 years ago (I am sorry I can't quote it because I don't remember where I read it...), him saying he will retire from directing after "Angel A" (2006) and focus on producing... Well he did "the Arthur and the Invisibles" (2006-2010) series after that but they were not live-action.

Anyway, sadly I could only give 3.5 Potatoes.
First of all, I think he lost his touch for creating his style... He was at the festival in person and he said "This is the most important film of my life". But I disagreed as an audience.
YES the subject was very important to speak about, but Aung San Suu Kyi's life and achievement can't be explained in 2 hours, unless it is well edited.
And it starts very slow and get intense in the middle and it sucks you in. Knowing what she really went through, it was very heart breaking and tearful.
But the reality hits you and makes you wonder how convincing Michelle Yeoh's Burmese was... (She acted in 2 languages: UK English and Burmese).

At the end, it wasn't just perfect...

And one last thing, Luc Besson's usual soundtrack composer Eric Serra, you weren't at your best either.

Synopsis: The story of pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi and the academic and writer Michael Aris; a true story of love set against political turmoil. (IMDb)

USA: In Theater December 2, 2011

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