Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super 8 Not So Super

1.5 Potatoes

So finally I saw the movie "Super 8" (2011) by J.J. Abrams. Not to mention this film is produced by none other than Mr. Steven Spielberg. The man who created the unforgettable movie "E.T." (1982) and he sort of helped creating this conspiracy theory revealing movie.

The train crash in Ohio was based on the real event which was suspected of transporting something very confidential: Alliance, Ohio Train wreck of 1972

Overall, the movie was kind of the Goonies meets the Alien who ends up as a E.T.. None of the actors were too convincing and none of the kids except the main boy will be a star. And the kid's film at the end was so unnecessary.

The story was so identical to the movie "E.T.": a single parent home kid encounters something mysterious and cruises around town on bike... including the ending with the all of the sudden so adorable alien with the boy saying 'go home'...

Alliance, Ohio Train Crash 1972
The only good part of the film was the amazing train crash as my friend already told me about it beforehand, and the soundtrack. That was about it.

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