Thursday, June 2, 2011


4 Potatoes

Last night I was looking for this certain song on youtube and came across this movie "Farinelli" (1994) by Gérard Corbiau. I have seen it back when the film was out in 1995-ish. Eventually this movie was nominated for the Oscar Best Foreign Language Film and won the Golden Globe Best Foreign Language Film in 1995. 
It is a good film and an amazing story, I mean an amazing story which was based on true event! Highly Recommended.

Oh by the way, the song which I was looking for.. "Lascia ch'io pianga" by Händel is also featured in this film. What a coincidence.

Synopsis: Gérard Corbiau directs this lush, Golden Globe-winning drama, based on the life of 18th-century castrato Farinelli (Stefano Dionisi) -- born Carlo Broschi -- and his tumultuous relationship with his brother and manager, Riccardo (Enrico Lo Verso), a composer of average abilities. The two share everything, but when Farinelli sets his sites on new artistic terrain, Riccardo is left behind. Jeroen Krabbé co-stars as composer George Frideric Handel. (Netflix)

Farinelli (Jan 24, 1705 - Sep 16, 1782)

USA: Available on DVD

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