Saturday, June 4, 2011


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I am so excited to announce that the film, well I should say TV mini-series Golden Globe-winning "Carlos" 2010 by Olivier Assayas is finally available on streaming! It is a total 5.5 hours drama based on the story of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez aka 'Carlos the Jackal' who was the most wanted terrorist since 1970's. I recall some part of the actual attacks caused by 'Carlos' in the past, but there were more events I wasn't aware of.

The Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez who played 'Carlos' was amazing. He used his linguistic talent to the max, playing in 4 different languages fluently: Spanish, English, French, and German. WHO else can do that!!?? 

I saw the full version of this movie in theater last year when the American Cinematheque released it for one weekend. I think there was about 10 minutes intermission during the 5.5 hour movie. Personally I didn't need any intermission because the film was edited and directed so well, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

Assyas & Ramírez at the opening night of "Carlos"
At the screening, Olivier Assayas and Édgar Ramírez introduced the film. And when the moderator asked Édgar Ramírez if there was anything he would like to add before the film starts, he simply reply "what more can I add to a 5.5 hours film?". Great sense of humor.

Totally worth 330 minutes of your life.

Synopsis: Édgar Ramírez stars as Ilich Ramírez Sánchez -- aka Carlos the Jackal -- an elusive Venezuelan terrorist who executed scores of assassination plots, abductions and bombings across Europe and the Middle East. This Golden Globe-winning biopic follows Sanchez from 1973 to 1994 as he and his cohorts wreak havoc on the Left Bank in Paris, storm OPEC headquarters in Vienna and carry out other devastating acts of politically motivated violence. 

USA: Full version (330 mins) - Streaming Available on Netflix

*UPDATE: DVD & BD The Criterion Collection Available Sep 27th, 2011

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