Saturday, July 2, 2011

"The Beginners"

3 Potatoes

I just saw the movie "The Beginners" (2010) by Mike Mills this afternoon. It was very different from what I expected from the theater preview/trailer. I had an impression that this movie would be more comical and Hollywood-ish film. But I was completely wrong.

The way this film was created is very interesting, it gives you a moment to digest at a few separated points through out the movie. I kind of liked it. It shows you how to adapt yourself to life or to certain situation and deal with it, at the end it is not necessary a bad thing.

The only problem for me was the girl friend, she didn't reveal herself too much in the movie that I personally didn't see the strong connection between the main character and her.

After all, I still recommend anyone to see this movie.

USA: In Theater Now

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