Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Betty" by Claude Chabrol

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I am currently watching an amazing film by the late Claude Chabrol "Betty" (1992). I remember when this film came out in theater, I was still living in Paris. I watched it again a few times since then, and tonight it is still an amazing film.
And the song "Je voulais te dire que je t'attends" by Michel Jonasz is unforgettable.

It is so sad that the both Claude Chabrol and Marie Trintignant are no longer with us. Two amazing talented people one left us by age and another her life was ended by a selfish moron... her then boyfriend Bertrand Cantat, a lead singer from Noir Désir.

This film is Highly Recommended.

Synopsis: When Betty is caught en flagrante, her bourgeois in-laws and husband force a divorce settlement upon her and bar her from seeing her two daughters. She is rescued from an alcoholic stupor by Laure, a middle-aged woman who takes Betty to her hotel lodgings, extends friendship and care, and listens to her story. Laure's lover, Mario, the proprietor of the bar where Betty and Laure met, is first a friend, then Betty's next conquest. (IMDb)

Synopsis(FR): Betty, jeune femme alcoolique et paumée, réprouvée par son mari et sa famille, se réfugie dans le restaurant "Le Trou" où elle fait la connaissance de Laure, l'amante du patron Mario. Laure l'aide et devient une amie. Mais Betty envie sa tranquille assurance et l'amour qui la lie à son compagnon. Quand elle s'éprend à son tour de Mario, les choses basculent. Est-elle la victime de sa famille bourgeoise ou un monstre d'égoïsme inconscient ?... (AlloCiné)

USA: DVD Available
USA: Currently Showing on TV5 Monde (AUG)

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